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Since 2022 Breitling has been making women’s perfect Breitling replica watches from responsibly sourced gold and setting them with lab-grown diamonds.

Breitling is a brand on a mission. Since 2022 it has been pursuing its objective to make luxury UK Breitling fake watches that are more respectful of the planet and its resources by using gold and diamonds which are sustainably sourced and fully traceable.

High quality Breitling copy watches is on a mission to create beautiful products and experiences with better materials and better manufacturing,” CEO Georges Kern declared. “Our road map starts here, with the gold and diamonds we use.”

The gold in question is sourced from mines that meet the criteria set out by the Swiss Better Gold Association, which supports improved working and living conditions for mining communities and environmentally sustainable practices. Lab-grown diamonds are produced by responsible and accredited suppliers to ensure that they are conflict-free and to rule out human rights abuses.

These diamonds are grown by introducing gas and heat to a tiny natural diamond in a vacuum space. Heat transforms the gas into a cloud of plasma which allows the diamond to crystalise and grow. These synthetic diamonds have identical properties to mined diamonds and go through the same rigorous quality testing procedures.

“Consumers are increasingly reflecting on the products they buy and what goes into them. We want to give them those answers upfront,” said Kern. “The Super Chronomat Origins is one step on a transformative journey at Breitling. This is just the beginning.” The first model to put this idea into practice was the best super clone Breitling Chronomat 38 Origins watches in 2022. Now lab-grown diamonds are used across the entire Breitling portfolio and by 2025 all its Breitling replica watches wholesale will be made from better gold.

Joining Breitling on this mission is Victoria Beckham. The fashion designer, who is known for her commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, has co-designed the Breitling x Victoria Beckham collection, crafted from better gold and set with lab-grown diamonds. Each of these limited-edition top 1:1 fake Breitling Chronomat 36 watches combines the collection’s characteristic features with the cool elegance of Beckham’s designs. A special mention for the version in steel with lab-grown baguette diamond indexes on the dial.